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Places To Visit

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort is a famous fort situated near Malvan Jetty in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India. This fort was built by theMaratha King, Shivaji, himself under his supervision and guidance. In fact, this fort was the naval headquarter during the ruler-ship of Marathas. This fort is situated on an islet, Kurte Island and is almost half a km away from the Sindhudurg District’s Malvan Jetty town in the Konkan area of Maharashtra near south of Mumbai and is surrounded by the great Arabian Sea.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is an exciting place to be in as it holds immense tourism potential. Tarkarli village have a narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters at one side and Karli Riverbordered with lush green palm trees on other side. The beach is known asTarkarli beachand rightly called as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. With its swaying palms , it’s a delight to be here. The dead end of tarkarli beach where Karli river merges into the sea is known as Mobar point, Devbagh.

Tsunami Island

Located on the delta of the Tarkarli river, Tsunami island unlike its name is quite calm, captivating, and jampacked with tourists because of the adventure activities that takes place here. Don't forget to roll on the magnetic sun of the island as locals say that it is a magnetic sand that can be used to massage the joints.It would be good to visit the island during the monsoon season as this when there are high tides, and the fun of the water sports activities is at its peak.

Rock Garden

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Aanganewadi Temple

This is very a famous temple in Malvan. Various theories are viewed to explain the origin of the temple. One of them is that a cow belonging to one of the villagers used to discharge milk in the green wood which turned in a plaque. When the owner went out to look for the cow, he found the matter. On same day he got a divine message in his dream. He started to worship that stone of plaque.

Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple, an ancient Shiva Temple is located in Kunkeshwar village, 14 Kms from Devgad town. A pristine beach with a very long stretch of seashore and white sand adds to the beauty of temple surroundings.This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture. Yadav Kings built this temple in 1100 A. D. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who rejuvenated this temple many times was a frequent visitor to this temple.